About Evan


Evan is a digital coach, consultant and developer based in Melbourne, Australia.  He completed his Bachelor of Multimedia while Multimedia was still considered cool and has molded and shaped the Internet for 15 years as a web developer and team leader. Now he is helping organisations focus on integrating all their digital systems to align with their goals and needs.

Evan grew up as the slumbering analogue world slowly awoke to a digital new day.  Evan remembers the first time he played Atari 64, Commodore 64 and the first time he used the World Wide Web.  He bravely straddles the XY Cusp, giving him the unique ability to keenly interpret and connect Gen X and Gen Y without belonging to either.

When Evan is not immersed in digital systems, he loves spending time with family and playing music and directing music extravaganzas for the masses to restore love, joy and community to the world!


Evan provides services to big and small businesses, educational institutes, community groups and not-for-profits.  Clients and employers include:

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